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Ty Moore with Yolonda T. Sanders, the author of Soul Matters.
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Shaking hands with the great
 Larry (The Easton Asssassin) Holmes, former Heavyweight Champion of the World (1978-1985)!
Hugh Moore,
 my grandfather and an incredible artist.
My son observes as Roederick Vines creates another masterpiece at the 2007 Sankofa Fine Art Expo.
Visit Roederick Vines at http://vinesart.com/catalog/index.php
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Standing alongside my work at the 9th Annual Barbara Luton Art Show on March 30th. I was privileged to have two pieces selected for this juried exhibit.
My son standing with "Peace of Mind 2" at the 9th Annual Barbara Luton Art Show.
I had the opportunity to meet Cleveland Television Legend "Big Chuck" Schodowski from the "Big Chuck & Lil' john Show and present him with an original portrait.
The original portrait I did of Cleveland Television Legend "Big Chuck" Schodowski, his partner "Lil" John Rinaldi...along with Boris Karloff's version of the Frankenstien Monster.  Schodowski and Rinaldi used to do a local movie program on Friday nights and this was where I first saw the original version of Frankenstein.
Commissioned Work
"Of all of the artists that have done my face over the years, you're the only one to get it right."

 "Lil" John Rinaldi - Cleveland Television Legend (10/25/2009)

In the picture : Big Chuck and Lil John, along with myself and my two children at the 2009 Ghoulardi Fest