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Ty Moore

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Tyrone C. Moore was highly influenced as a child by the art work of his grandfather, Hugh Moore.  Using his grandfather's enthusiasm as a springboard for inspiration, he began to appreciate and create illustrations at an early age.  Mostly self-taught, Tyrone showed an interest in themes dealing with relationships, adversity, science fiction and nature.  Due to the hardship that Hugh Moore encountered in the art field during his life time, a career in art was not advised by Tyrone's family.  Although he chose to teach elementary education as his profession, Tyrone continued to maintain an interest in art.  He minored in studio art at Cleveland State University, where he earned his Bachelors degree in 1995 as well as a Masters degree in 2000.
        In 1996, Tyrone began his teaching career for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, where he used his skills in art to further illustrate reading and math lessons for young students.  In 2001 he began to do charcoal portraits as gifts for family members and close friends, which led to renewing his interest in pursuing a career as a fine artist. 

        On May 19th, of 2006, Tyrone was honored to receive The 4th Emerging Artist Award  at the 2006  7th Annual Sankofa Cleveland Fine Art Plus Expo.  It was a tremendous honor that he shared with family and close friends.  Today, as a practicing artist, Tyrone's work grace the walls of patrons, art shows and local gallery exhibits.
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